Get Money Out of Politics

In each of the last two Congresses, I have joined Chairman and now Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee John Conyers (D-MI) to introduce an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would reverse the Supreme Court’s flawed decision in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission (FEC), which now allows corporations to spend unlimited advertising money in elections. Since the ruling was issued, campaign spending by outside groups including corporations has surged.  According to the FEC, candidates, parties, and outside groups accounted for $7 billion in spending during the 2012 elections.  My amendment will give specific authority to Congress and the states to regulate corporate expenditures on political activity.  This is the only way to once and for all put the American people, and not corporations, in charge of our treasured democracy.


  1. Jay McCann says:

    Thank you for supporting campaign finance Congresswoman Edwards. I am new to the issue and having read Prof. Lessig’s book “Republic, Lost” I am now convinced as he is that campaign finance is the prime issue that must be solved in order to address all others that face America.

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